Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally in Firenze!

After 28 hours of travel, probably the longest 28 hours of my life, we got to Florence. our day started early with a scavenger hunt. And during the scavenger hunt, the highlight of my day occured. I met Pauly D from Jersey shore! It was so cool to see him in person, i never thought i would!

We then ate lunch at a cute little italian place, with the best nutella waffles! After lunch, we went to see the Statue of David. I never knew how big it was! It blew my mind, 17 feet might not seem tall but in person it sure did. We continued shooting for the rest of the afternoon-

Then we proceeded to the cutest little cooking school and made our own dinner- not bad! After we walked 45 minutes back to out hostel, which i was not excited about, but i got a few good pics out of it!

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  1. Wow Abby you did a lot in one day! Maybe you can cook for me this summer :) or teach me how to cook :)! Love you lots and I can't wait to see more pictures.