Friday, June 17, 2011

June 16th- Delphi AND BIRTHDAY!!!

I FINALLY HAD MY SWEET 16! It still hasn't sunk in that i can now drive (as soon as i pass my drivers test..). But we had a great day in Delphi. Our greek adventure started on the 15th at 3am when we had to wake up to take a 3 hour bus ride, then a 2 hour plane ride, and another 3 hour bus ride! But it was so worth it because its beautiful! My birthday started off with Callie, Ellie and I taking some shots of the town, then shopping! They have the cutest stores and restaurants! We had lunch at a great place, and they suprised me with a cake!!After lunch, we went to the ruins where the oracle used to be located and where people used to go for predictions from the gods. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology so it was really cool to see all those things in person! We then went to dinner at another restaurant with the beautiful view! I thought they were just going to sing to me at dinner, but they told us to go shopping then be at the hotel terrace at 9 in a TOGA! So we all went to the roof with our togas on, had YUMMY cake, and watched Mamma Mia on a projector! Overall, it was a really fun birthday in addition to the fact that im in Greece!

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