Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Un giorno a Roma!

On the 13th, we went to ROMA! It was amazing to see all the famous historical sites I have been learning about forever! The most impressive had to be the Coliseum. It is HUGE yet really old. We went to another random lunch place and shopped at your typical European street market, where i got hit by a car! It just barely hit me, but i guess it was cool to say I was hit on my first time in Rome. Since we did all of Rome in one day, it came with a consequence: I WAS SO TIRED! And dirty.....  I couldn't sleep on the train ride home because I smelled so bad!

Making a wish in the Trevi Fountain!

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  1. Hi Abby Wish I were there to share Cingue Terre
    view with you. Fabulous! Tried to call you
    twice on your birthday but your mail box is
    full. But glad I got the video from your Dad
    of your friends singing happy birthday to you!
    Love you lots and miss you! Hugs Grandy Liz