Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19th-20th: Nafplio!

Sorry i havent updated in a while! Weve been really busy and had wifi issues! But we are now in Nafplio, Greece and it is BEAUTIFUL! Our adventure to Nafplio strated early Sunday morning, where i woke up with a terrible stomach ache that I am just starting to get over. 

After the 2 hour bus ride where my stomach was in knots the whole time, we made it to the resort city where we headed to a really cool restraunt with blue lighting! A few of us walked back to the hotel, where Claire completely ate it on a nail coming out of the ground! We ran back to get David, and she ended up having to get stitches but is fine now! We sat at the port and took some pictures, then went back to the hotel for what felt like hours to upload. After, we went to dinner in small groups then went to a Islamic dancing cerimony thing, I still dont really know what it was. I was really out of my comfort zone, but it was cool to experience it with all the locals although it was 100 degrees in the gym we were in! Then we went to the hotel and our leaders critiqued our pictures until 11:30!!!! On top of lack of sleep and a stomach ache, I was ready to pass out. 
Castle in the middle of the harbor at sunset

I still felt sick the next morning, and we discovered we had to go on a "short hike" to castle over looking the ocean. THE HIKE WAS 900 STEPS, literally I googled it!! If i had known that tidbit of info, i probably would not have gone but the view was worth it at the top! 
They view!

Sailboat at sunset
Finally, it was time to go to the BEACH!! I was looking forward to it the whole trip, as I have never been in the Mediterranean! Callie and i lucked out and paid this hotel for two beach chairs in our own little area with a umbrella and snack bar, it was amazing! We got to shower then go to dinner and another restaurant overlooking the pier. Greece is absolutely beautiful, and tomorrow we head to the Island of Hydra for the day! 


  1. Hi Baby A!

    Your pictures are amazing! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Have you had any Greek Salads? Are they better then here (you know they are my fav). I miss you lots and will see you very soon.

    xoxoxxo-Baby D

  2. Auntie ChristineJune 20, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    Hey Abby- 900 steps?!?!?!Wow, that's a lot- must have made your burnin' thighs long for an eliptical workout in an airconditioned gym instead! Better view in Greece than the North Dartmouth Healthtrax though ;) Beach sounds amazing. You're almost home! Can't wait to hear all about it! xoxoxoxox Auntie C.