Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th- Athens: not my cup of tea.....

Today, after yet ANOTHER 3 hour bus ride, we arrived in Athens.  Lets just say from the moment I woke up on the bus, I was already uncomfortable. Especially with all the riots going on here! So scary. Quoting Ms. Hartman, who sadly had to leave today for a family emergency, Athens is "like New York on steroids, and 10x more dirtier and dangerous." Our hotel is the nicest we have stayed in yet, but when I walk outside it is like being in a 3rd world country! I did have my first gyro, which was AMAZING, and got to see the jaw-dropping Parthenon, but Im defiantly missing the relaxing mountains of Delphi right now! 


  1. What adventures you are experiencing. You will
    certainly never forget your 16th birthday, toga
    and all. New York on steroids? Can't even
    imagine that. Bet you'll be happy to unwind
    at the final seaside days of your trip. Love
    Grandy Liz

  2. Abby- Sounds like your trip gets more adventurous by the day! You certainly are gaining a more worldly perspective that some of us can only read about. This will all be worth it in your academic pursuits! Can't wait to see all of your photographs when you get home (does Grandy Liz have a future business partner? ;) proud o' you- xoxoxox Auntie Christine

  3. Hey Abby!!! I miss u soooo much!!!! Sounds like your having fun!!(: I can't wait to go with you in a few years! Love you!!! <3 Bizzy